The field of hospitality and use of AI

For the researchers in the field of technology, the prime concern is to make the life of a common man easier. Hence they focus on the use of various machines combined with various technologies that can offer excellent service in different fields where till date only humans have offered their services. The technocrats feed the machine with logical, cognitive and reasoning skills that can help the machine carry out the task just like a human. There are many avenues in the society where this technology can get huge relevance and the same is targeted by the experts in the field of technology development.

The avenues:

One can find the best example of the use of this technology as ai in hospitality. The moment one feels to move somewhere he may be concerned with several things such as availability of travel option, getting the booking for flight or ticket as well as hotel, compare the hotels as per his budget and make an overall plan to roam around. In many cases, the people who take care of such requirements may not be aware of the latest facts and hence offer wrong information also. There are also limitations of mankind such as poor health, unplanned leaves and turmoil in personal life which directly affect the workstyle of the concerned person. The use of this technology can help the industry overcome such issues and offer a smooth and customer-centric experience which can create a positive image of the concerned organization.

Is it a viable option?

There are people who raise their eyebrow doubting on the use of this technology on different fronts. They ask if the artificial intelligence in hospitality can be of good help to this industry. In the past some years, there are some areas where this technology is used, and it has not left a single point of disappointment to the user as well as the researcher. The encouraging results of the same have proven much useful to them in developing more options for different areas in the market. These machines are little costly at this stage, but over a period it will also prove cost-effective.

Is it in the interest of mankind?

Those who think various areas as the scope for human development have a concern with the use of this technology. Many of them fear that this technology will take away millions of jobs and hence will be troublesome for many people who are presently in the job for different organizations. To some extent the doubt is genuine, but the history is a witness that every time of technological revolution mankind has found various options, and hence there is nothing to fear from the use of this technology. The benefits of the use of this technology can make one drive for it.

One can have quality services without any error, and consistency in production, as well as services, is the biggest positives one can count on. It is also free from many of the human limitations, and hence the reliability of the same can make one get the best of it.

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