Startup Office: Basement, Leased Space or Virtual Office

Choosing a proper office space can sometimes pose great difficulty to even well-established companies. And when you are talking about start-ups, then the task is bound to become much harder.

New Age Entrepreneurs and Offices

In the metro cities, real estate comes with a hefty price tag and are not always suitable for every new entrepreneur. However, the new age entrepreneurs are more into investing smartly rather than lavishly. Since start-ups are small companies,the requirement for a huge office space might not be necessary. In such cases, shared office spaces are best  for start-ups and are also quite easily accessible.

Then again, there are many who prefer a virtual office. A virtual office lets you acquire a professional business address and you can carry out your business operations virtually.But to give a touch of professionalism,you pay to hire an office address where all of your company-related documents can be posted to.

But whether you plan to lease a space for your company, or go for co-working or choose a virtual office, there are certain things that you must bear in mind.

Few Things the Young Entrepreneurs Need To Keep In Mind

  • Proper Knowledge about Employees’ Working Style

Your employees are the driving force of your company. Therefore, having a clear knowledge of the employees’ working style can help you to choose an appropriate location for your office. The location and plan of the office play a very important role in determining the productivity of your team.

  • Get An Idea about Your Business Style

If you are willing to start a company focused on employees’ creative power then the set-up of your office needs to be a tad different from the conventional ones. For example, where creativity is the key,lots of natural light and more open spaces are more admirable rather than a closed space with dim light.

  • Gather Knowledge about Your Budget

Budget is the main criteria to decide on the space that you wish to acquire. If you have a clear idea about your budgetary constraints as well as your business needs, it should be easy for you to decide. The idea is to strike a balance between your needs and expenses, without going overboard.

  • Know about Your Client Base

Your clients are THE most important aspects of your business, so you have to keep in mind their preferences also. If you have a huge client base and they want to visit your office regularly,then you need to go for a location that is strategically placed. It would be beneficial to choose an address which is easy to access for maximum people.


In the modern world, as the number of start-ups is rising exponentially in metro cities like Bangalore, the modern offices are also becoming more and more space-friendly. The designers are concentrating more on offering coworking spaces in Bangalore and business incubators to utilise the office area entirely, which has turned out to be supremely beneficial for entrepreneurs.This is not just a practical option, but also very smart and advantageous.

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