Some Hacks To Purchase A Genuine Second-Hand Phone

Second-hand phones are a steal deal if bought from a genuine buyer. Secondhand phones are reasonable and can be a great option if you do not want to spend too much or want a specific model. If you do not know the hacks but want to purchase a second-hand iPhone then read this article to know more information.

  • Be safe and secure

Whenever you are buying a second-hand phone, you are dealing with the owner of the phone or a seller directly or via online. But you need to be safe to buy the phone. Here are some tips that you need to follow.

  • Never make an advance payment

Never ever make any advance payment. Dishonest sellers dupe innocent buyers often. If you are asked for an advance before you have seen the model in real then it will be better if you do not deal with this seller. Only make payment after you have seen the model and have decided to buy second hand Samsung or iPhone or any other model.

  • Meet in a crowded place

It will be better if you choose a crowded location for meeting the seller. Crowded places mean security and there will be fewer chances of getting duped. Never choose secluded places or empty parks.

  • If possible bring someone with you

It will be a good idea to bring someone with you when you buy a second-hand phone. If the seller has a shop then also this rule applies. Go to the shop with any friend or family member. You will feel safe and confident if there is someone you know and trust. This, in turn, will prevent the seller to do some illegal activity.

  • Never share any personal information

Try to not to give any personal information to the seller. It is best if you keep the conversation professional and only inspect the phone and give the amount in case you buy it. Never share your personal details or address or workplace or location details to the seller.

  • Inspect the phone carefully

You need to inspect the phone carefully before buying it. Follow the tips to do this.

  1. Go to the meeting place with a laptop or power bank, a charger, a sim card, a memory card, and a headset if possible. This will allow you to fully inspect the mobile phone.
  2. Check if the mobile phone has scratches crack or chipped areas.
  3. Ask the seller for the original purchase receipt and warranty card or warranty agreement from the manufacturer. If the seller cannot provide these documents then do not deal with him or her. Because you need a genuine product, not a fake or stolen or illegal one.
  4. Connect the phone with the charger and the power bank or laptop to see if it is charging properly.
  5. Switch on or off and restart the mobile phone for two or three times to see if it works fine.
  6. Check the camera quality by clicking the pictures of nearby objects never click your selfie or your picture.
  7. Ask for the original charger and accessories if possible.
  8. Insert the sim card and see if the mobile is working properly in any network.
  9. If you do not decide on buying then delete all of the pictures you have taken and perform a factory reset.

But buying a second-hand phone is not easy. Often buyers get duped and can buy faulty handsets. Follow these tips to buy a genuine second-hand smartphone which is in great condition.

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