Marketing content or content for entertainment is always an integral part of any media. Traditional content (both marketing and entertainment content) that was floated on traditional media is taking a back seat with the popularity of digital content over digital media. Content like videos, images, information available on digital media is very wide scale and thus gives the users a huge choice to pick the desired content.  Besides this, there are numerous other reasons for the takeover of traditional television content by digital content on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, TikTok, etc. To start with, one reason is that digital content is interactive, unlike traditional content. Traditional content only had viewers and readers whereas on digital media every individual or an enterprise can speak for themselves. They can make their online presence, advertise their skills, services, and businesses. They can also comment and discuss the content they read or watch. Hence, they get a chance to present their views on the subject and this interaction inclines them towards digital content instead of traditional content.

Furthermore, digital content facilitates to view the desired content any number of times at any time, whereas traditional content of television could have been viewed only when it was telecasted limiting the viewing time for the viewers. Since the user can enjoy viewing the attractive videos, web-series, serials and other digital content on digital media whenever they can find out time for recreation in their busy day, they will prefer the digital media/content over traditional media/content. The viewers can also find their old loved programs on a digital content library which enables them to recall old times which is otherwise not possible with the traditional content. This indicates the reasons for the popularity of digital content. Digital content can also be filtered with smart settings, so the viewers can exercise to view reliable content only and can limit the appropriate content for their children too. Moreover, the digital world is fast, it allows access and viewing of digital content at a faster pace than the viewing of traditional content on traditional media. Today everyone is short of time and thus they prefer short, precise and faster digital content rather than traditional content.

In addition to the above benefits of digital content, one major benefit is that it is very economical for the businesses to advertise their businesses related content on digital media like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, etc. as against advertising on traditional media. Sometimes it costs free, only little investment of time is needed. The entrepreneurs only have to create appealing and precise digital content and then post it for free on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, etc. Anyone can advertise on Netflix and Amazon Prime also with short/long videos, episodes, advertisements, etc., at a nominal cost. Along with playing your business-related videos across the globe, the digital platforms like YouTube also guide you on how you can improve your content to attract more viewers. The success of the advertisement can also be marked by the subscriptions to your YouTube channel or the hits received on your website. Digital marketing companies as well can help in generating a complete report of the success of advertisements, irrespective of the social media platform chosen for advertisement. This report is essential as it forms the basis to improvise the future digital content.

Since the digital content reaches the target audience in a better way rather than the traditional content, it is very important to create an appealing, worthy and brief content. The content creation can be done with the help of professionals or even a layman can do it on own. Create your videos and post them across various social media platforms. Do not forget to add a thumbnail to your videos because they will be the first impression on the viewer. You do not have to create a separate thumbnail for each platform, you can use common thumbnail across platforms by converting them with the help of YouTube to FB thumbnail converter. You can enlarge Youtube thumbnail on Facebook with the help of this converter. A YTtoFB converter can be used multiple times to convert YouTube to FB large thumbnail. A dependable YouTube to FB converter is user-friendly and lets you create large YouTube thumbnails for Facebook easily. Once created, the large thumbnail YouTube Facebook can be uploaded anywhere.

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