QuickBooks File Doctor

Learn how to use QuickBooks File Doctor to fix a company file or network issues in QuickBooks Desktop

If you are facing issues while opening your company file then QuickBooks File Doctor will definitely help you.

QuickBooks File Doctor also works in case of data damaged and the error you will face 6000. It only not save from the data damaged but also helps to solve QuickBooks network issues.

Points to remember before using QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor:


  • Need to login as an Administrator.
  • Make sure you have the internet to upload your file.
  • Remember company file must be more than 2 GB.
  • At some stages Network, diagnosis and repair may not work properly because more than versions of QuickBooks Support are installed.


Errors and Issues solve using QuickBooks File Doctor


Unable to open company files and showing errors messages on the screen:

  • Error code: 6150, 6000-82, 6000-305, 6147, 6000-301 and 6130.
  • Missing vendors, bank customers, and employees list.
  • Receiving error related QuickBooks network or multi-user set-up. Example: H101, H303, H202, or H505 errors.
  • QuickBooks File Doctor also helps in solving many net connectivity issues.
  • It also solves a corrupted company file issue.
  • If the file is damaged or not able to open the damaged file. And need to open sample company files or other files.


Steps how to solve Company file issues with QuickBooks File Doctor


Step 1: Download and install QuickBooks Tools Hub

QuickBooks Tools Hub always help you to solve common issues:

  1. First, close QuickBooks.
  2. Then download the QuickBooks Tools Hub file. And save the file at a particular location where you can easily find that file.
  3. After that open that downloaded the file (QuickBooksToolsHub.exe).
  4. Follow instructions on the screen to and click on agree to terms and conditions.
  5. After finishing the installation, double-click on the Tool hub to open it.


Step 2: Run QuickBooks File Doctor

  1. Choose the Company File Issues tab from the Tools hu.
  2. Choose Run QuickBooks File Doctor. It takes some time to open.
  3. Choose your Company File from the drop-down list in the QuickBooks File Doctor. If you are not getting then Browse and Search it.
  4. Click on Check your File option(middle option only) and select Continue.
  5. Insert your QuickBooks Admin Password and go for Next.

How much time it will take in scanning it depends on your size of the file. Mostly, it only takes 5 minutes. After completing scanning open QuickBooks and your Company file.

Step 3: Follow the steps for the issues you see

But if you are still facing issue after using QuickBooks File Doctor. Then please contact QuickBooks support. You will definitely get help regarding the QuickBooks Company file issue.

Step 4: Update and backup QuickBooks

After fixing the company file issue, don’t forget to back up it up. You also want to verify for any software updates. Go to the Help menu in QuickBooks Desktop and choose the option Update QuickBooks Desktop. Keep regular update, verify and rebuild data to keep yourself far from the errors.


Resolve network issues with QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks File Doctor is the technique used to solve network issues without losing any QuickBooks data. Your work gets interrupted when you encounter technical issue with QuickBooks. Some of the issues are solved with simple steps but some of the issues required proper diagnosis and troubleshooting. This tool comes with plenty of features including with time saving and easy to use features.

Hosting mode is off

You can easily access the company file from the host system or server system in QuickBooks. But if the hosting mode is off that time it only not become difficult but also creates issues. So, it is necessary to turn on hosting mode if you don’t want  to face any interrupt. Before that you need to check out these requirements:

  • Map the server
  • Check out system is in multi-user mode or not. If it is not then set up to multi-user mode.
  • And need to save your company file to the shared folder.

So, if you want to access your company file through the network. Don’t forget to turn on hosting.

Note: If you are on a workstation system. Then you don’t need to worry for hosting.                     

Checkout that hosting mode is turn on. To access QuickBooks files over the network.

Turn on hosting

About hosting QuickBooks company data files in multi-user mode

In hosting multiple systems (workstations) are allowed to access files from the main system over the network. QuickBooks Online Support has a range of services to manage company file access:

  • QuickBooks Desktop 2020 uses QuickBooks DB30
  • QuickBooks Desktop 2019 uses QuickBooks DB29
  • QuickBooks Desktop 2018 uses QuickBooks DB28
  • QuickBooks Desktop 2017 uses QuickBooks DB27

Here is the list of QuickBooks hosting modes:

  • Dedicated hosting diagram
  • Peer to peer hosting diagram
  • Alternate hosting diagram

How can you access the company file

Before accessing the company file. Remember these conditions:

  • Windows File Permissions: The login user has full control over the system, including permission to look at the data, open it and modifying data.
  • Database server mode: Database Server Mode can open the company file successfully.
  • QuickBooks User login: Before accessing the system every user must have the QuickBooks login username and password.
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