Learn To wear best Kilt like a Professional

The kilt is, no doubt, the best trendy dress in a modern fashion but it is not easy to wear it without the proper guideline. To achieve the best look of the best kilt like Mackenzie Tartan Kilt you must have proper awareness. Here is the complete package for the people who want to learn the way of wearing the best kilt like professionals. Let’s move to the guiding points.

  1. The kilt is like a modern skirt and, hence, is not go with the size of pants. You must be careful in the handling of size because it is the base of the best kilt to get the best outlook.
  2. The kilt is overlapped and sewn on the back several times. It is important that the fabric is folded and sewn so that the tartan pattern is not interrupted and the back looks exactly like the front of the kilts. A perfect folding in compliance with the tartan is a quality feature at Kilts.
  3. Another quality feature is when the bottom hem of the kilts is not reversed but simply cut off without fringes. A good kilt fabric and impeccable workmanship will not let the kilt fray even after decades such as Royal Stewart tartan.
  4. The kilt is wrapped around the hips in such a way that the folds exactly form the extension of the spine. The upper loose end is then usually fixed with the help of a belt buckle, the lower end of the kilts is held with a safety pin (the so-called “Kilt Pin”).
  5. A traditional Scottish kilt has a belt with a metal belt buckle to set the kilt around the waist in order to move easily. The belt gives the kilt the grip which is very important for the kilt around the waist. The buckle must be placed in the middle above the sporran.
  6. Then there comes the jacket and waistcoat. The selection of right jacket and waistcoat is very important to look like a professional in on both formal and informal occasions.
  7. A pouch of leather or fur that serves as a purse, since the kilt has no pockets, and hung down on the front of the kilt must be there. This pouch on the front is very important to create the professional impression of the kilt wearing.
  8. A heavy emblem, often the clearest, the Scottish lion, the Scottish thistle or a sword attached with a safety pin at the bottom of the kilts, should be there. It is designed to prevent the kilt from being blown up by wind or strong movement.
  9. Flashes (small, colorful pieces of fabric that are tucked into the envelope of kilt trousers) come next to join the party.
  10. In the last, there come Brogues with laces to hold the movement of feet and to complete the professional outlook of the best kilt.

Last Tip

You need the confidence to crack the look you want. Select the best kilt, wear it with full swag and you will be right on the mark.

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