How to Redirect Domain with cPanel

As the title suggests, we shall discuss here the redirecting of the traffic of a domain to a different domain. This situation may arise for various reasons and the most common being, you may migrate your website to a different domain, and then you have to redirect all the traffic of your original website from the old domain to the new domain.

This can be performed in two ways- Permanent (301) Redirect or Temporary (302) Redirect. Let’s discuss them individually. Also, for more quality information like this, you can simply check I will explain you where you will get lots of quality information like this.

Firstly- Permanent or 301 Redirect:

How to Redirect Domain with cPanel
How to Redirect Domain with cPanel

In this type of Redirection, your website or pages move permanently to the new domain and all traffic is redirected to it. The bookmark of the visitors’ web browsers are updated automatically and also all the search engines are updated so that always any search for your old domain is redirected to the new one.

The popularity of the new website remains the same as the original One.

Secondly- Temporary or 302 Redirect.

In this case, all the visitors to your old website are redirected to the new one, but their bookmark is not updated. Although search engines will redirect to your new website, still they will retain the indexing of your old website. So this change is a temporary one only. The popularity of the new site will not be like the original website.

Now we shall discuss, how to create a Redirect.

Please follow the following guide.

  • First Login to your cPanel. Then click on “Redirects” which is located in the Domain section of the cPanel Home.
  • Now from the Dropdown Menu that opens, choose the Redirect type, either Permanent or Temporary Redirect.
  •  Now from the Dropdown Menu of the list of domain choose the domain Name you wish to Redirect.
  •  Next, enter the full path of the page or the path of the folder you are going to Redirect in the next textbox.
  • In this step in the Redirect to textbox enter the full URL of the page to which you are going to redirect your Domain. You will also have to enter either of the protocols, https:// or https:// here.
  • In this step, you will have to choose the www.redirection. It defines whether you want to redirect the visitor to your site with www or without it written in the URL.

Given below are the third method with explanations.

  • Only Redirect with www.:- Here the visitor will be redirected only he enters www in the URL.
  • Redirect with or without www.- In this case, the visitor will be invariable, redirect to your domain irrespective of his entering of www or not in the URL.
  • Do not redirect www.- In this case, the visitor will not be redirected to your new Domain if he enters www in the URL.

So the choice is yours. But for ease of use and better traffic generation, we recommend you to use “Redirect with or without www.”

  •  Now if you want to redirect all files and folders in the subfolder to the same file or folder respectively, in the new Domain, select the “Wild Card Redirection” checkbox.
  •  Finally, click on the “Add” button to save the settings.

This guide is very simple and an easy walkthrough for the procedure of Redirecting a Domain in cPanel.

We hope this guide will benefit you immensely in migrating your own website to a new Domain in a very hassle-free way.

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