How Should MicroTik Network Users Deal With Winbox Vulnerability?

We live in an era of technology where everything is online. We need high security parameters to be put in place; whether it is our money or our personal information that should remain private for good. But, since everything is there on the internet, people can easily access it. Especially some ill witted people who are popularly known as Hackers are the biggest threats as they can get whatever they seek with the click of buttons though this small act can leave long-lasting scars in someone’s life or breakdown in a company’s operations.

This is why today we are going to talk about how users should deal with the WinBox Vulnerability issue and what should MikroTik Network users do until the next security patch is up. So, let’s jump right into it.

What is WinBox Vulnerability?

Describing a vulnerability, which allows to proxy a TCP/UDP request through the routers Winbox port, if it’s open to the internet. If you are a user of products that are manufactured by MikroTik Networks, then the chances are that you have already come through this term. It is basically an event where MikroTik Gateways are infected by crypto mining eavesdropping. This has not only led some users to face a loss of their cryptocurrency, but, their personal data is on the stake as well.

How does it occur?

One of the biggest issues with update patches is that most of the time they are half baked and the manufacturers release them. This result in a plethora of problems such as hackers being able to get into the network and scam user data as per their will. And, this is just one of the many issues that come into the picture in case of such events.

Recently, in the April patch issued by MikroTik, the patch was exploited by hackers, and thus, the event of WinBox Vulnerability became a reality. Since then, as per the latest report of Avast, more than 22 million attempts have been made by hackers from all over the world to get into the computers of remote users. Moreover, this is just the number which was reported so; chances are that the actual number must be quite higher than these.

How to get rid of WinBox Vulnerability?

You might wonder as to how you will be able to fix such issues from your end when the part of the problem is the security patch itself. So, if you too are affected by this issue, firstly, you should hire a professional with MikroTik Certification. These experts will help you to close in the gaps that might lead the hackers into your system to steal the data as quickly as possible.

Also, there are some cases where the users did not even have MikroTik Routers and were still infected with malware. In such a case, you should immediately get support from the Internet service provider as they will be able to tell you the exact reason behind the cause of this problem.

When will it all stop completely?

One of the most common queries on online portals regarding MikroTik Networks support nowadays is the questions related to the date of the release of a new security patch. This might seem weird, but there is nothing more effective to stop these instances at this point apart from a new and strong security patch.

So, we recommend all users of MikroTik Networks’ router to maintain calm for a while. Also, a statement has been issued by the company itself letting users know that the new patch will be out very soon and it will fix all these issues once and for all. Meanwhile, if you want to make sure that you do not suffer the backlash of this event, then make sure to get help from an expert who has completed MikroTik Training courses.

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