Glorifying Allah’s Will In Art

Islamic wall art is a beautiful blend of décor and spirituality. Separate from other forms of art, spiritual art is bought not just to up the visual appeal of our living and working spaces, but more importantly, to express our faith and to remind ourselves about our beliefs by affixing spiritual reminders to the walls. Many ayatsor lines from the Glorious Quran are written or printed or painted in calligraphy, especially are most frequently recited expressions such as Bismillah, Alhamdulillah, Masha Allah and Allahu Akbar.  Masha Allah art is sought quite a bit as a spiritual reminder in homes, and it is not unlikely to find ‘Masha Allah wall frame’ displayed in Muslim homes.

The zikr ‘Masha Allah’ is said especially when we are appreciation a person. It is Arabic for‘By the Will of Allah’. It implies that a person’s achievements, for example, a career break, as well as his/her attractive physical features like silky tresses or bright smile, result from the ‘Will of Allah’. If achild is cute and cuddly, it is because Allah Willed him/her to be. In no uncertain terms, He has willed it to come to the world. When a Muslim utters ‘Masha Allah’, he/she acknowledges the Will of Allah in all matters. People also say the zikr for protection against the evil eye.

In Surah Kahf (Quran, Chapter 17), one can find the line “Masha Allah La quwwataillahBillah”which means“By the Will of Allah, there is no power except with Allah”. Allah’s Might is all-encompassing and boundless. All that exists does so by His will, His permission. Replete with depth and yet easy on the tongue, this zikr is much said on different occasions. Be it in times of stress and difficulty or ease and happiness, this expression is apowerful reminder of Allah’s Will in all our experiences.

Your house exists by Allah’s Will. All the blessings in your house – from the eatables and drinkables to the kids and husband/wife to even the sofa, the dining table and the fan – are all there by the Will of Allah. Nothing rakes place without His permission or knowledge. Indeed, we exist because He wills us to.

‘Masha Allah’ is evidently a very important much-uttered zikr which every believing, practising Muslim says many, many times in his lifetime. It therefore comes as no big wonder that in the world of Islamic calligraphy wall art for home decor, Masha Allah art is much sought after. It is not uncommon to find in a Muslim home, a Masha Allah wall frame asa spiritual reminder or an expression of belief. Separated by race, ethnicity or income group, the diverse Muslim community is united by the belief and the conviction that all that the events and incidents that happen, good or seemingly bad, happen so because AllahWilled it so. This conviction is a very, very important element of faith and spirituality, one that can’t be emphasised enough. In no uncertain terms, it is very, very powerful in itself.

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