Features of Field Service Management Software

Features of Field Service Management Software

The field service management softwareis used to manage and track service performance outside the office. The organizations can handle and communicate with field employees and resources through field service management software. Following are the features of field service management software:

Mobile App

  • Available in both iOS and Android
  1. Business owners tend to think that in order to go electronic, there needs to be an investment in purchasing mobile devices for their technicians. A tablet is not required. Most apps are built to work on a smaller phone screen.
  2. In this way technicians can use their own phones, give them $10 per month for them to use their own phone. Such an arrangement is also good for the technician since he does not have to carry 2 devices. Additionally, the business owner does not have to worry about maintenance and breakage or replacement.
  • 15 minutes to train your technicians
  1. Technicians are blue collar workers. Most are not computer savvy.
  2. With Field management software, the intuitive screens require less than 15 minutes of training to get a technician up and running.

Force Service Providers to fill essential parts of the work order

  • Technicians are busy running from one job to the next. They often forget to properly document the work that was done.  This creates problems for the office administrators who now have to either guess or contact the technician to figure out what he did.  This also creates billing errors revenue.
  • In the help of this software, you can force the technician to collect a signature, fill in the resolution and time worked.

Off-line mobile app capabilities when there is no access to the internet (coming soon)

  • This software provides offline capability is just an essential feature. Not all work order management systems support this.


Create estimates from your desktop or mobile

Get approvals online

  • It is important to have a documented quote. You can create estimates and get a signature on the spot, send it to the customer as a PDF all from the mobile app or Desktop.


Know when your customers have read the estimates

  • Field management software provides the flexibility of emailing a quote directly from the application. But there maybe times that the email ends up in the customer’s SPAM. To mitigate this risk, this provides the capability for tracking the email.  It provides a log for each email quoted with the date/time stamp and disposition.


Convert to a work order when approved

End to end process: Estimates -> Work Order -> Invoice

  • Customers hate double entry because it is time consuming and prone to errors. In a typical paper-based workflow, businesses enter the same data 3 to 4 times.
  • Here with this software you can manage the end to end process. There is no double entry and therefore no errors
  • Mark up prices / Copy Estimate


  • Integrate timecard with work orders
  • Track billing utilization to increase billable hours
  • Timecard approval process to keep them honest
  • Days off planner to keep a track of PTO
  • Define job codes (Vacation, office time, training etc.)

So these are the features of the best field service management software. The work is managed with such an ease, that customers as well as technicians are fully satisfied by this software.



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