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Health disorders may occur anytime in the life of a person which can lead to several discomforts. There are some health conditions that require long treatment in a hospital for getting the desired outcomes. However, there is no time to stay in a hospital these days due to medical advancements. Several hospitals aim at offering valuable services to patients with modern technologies which save more time while performing surgery and other medical procedure. Many patients prefer visiting a multispecialty hospital because it covers different types of medical practices in one place enabling them to undergo medical services   with the latest applications. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Delhi offers a wide range of treatments to patients with highly skilled medical teams and staffs. It has 52 specialities under one roof thereby showing ways to ensure better results. Another thing is that it is well-equipped with excellent amenities thereby giving ways to avoid discomforts and other problems.

About Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Delhi

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital is the first one to perform a paediatric liver transplant in India with high success rates. Managed by Apollo Group, the primary objective of the hospital is to satisfy the expectations of patients with cutting-edge technologies. Apart from that, it is well-known for its cardiology services that invite several patients from various parts of the world. Some of the major specialities covered by the hospital include anaesthesia, cancer, paediatrics, nephrology, nuclear medicine, liver transplant, kidney transplant, urology, spine surgery, and so on. The transplant team in the hospital completed over 500 transplants and has more than 99% success rate in bye pass cardiac surgeries. It houses 710 beds and has the largest sleep lab in Asia. Furthermore, it has a large dialysis unit in India which offers great services to patients.

The cancer institute in the hospital includes advanced radiology oncology centre enabling patients to gain more advantages. Besides that, it is one of the few hospitals in India which provides Da Vinci Robotics surgery system for certain disorder. A 6 bed unit is available exclusively for the bone marrow transplant procedure that follows stringent infection control practices. Some other features offered by the hospital include PET-MR, PET-CT, brain lab navigation system, Fibroscan, and so on. It has the maximum number of ICU beds in India enabling patients to minimize unwanted issues significantly.

Medical tourism services offered by the hospital

The medical tourism services in India attract a lot of patients every year allowing them to gain more advantages. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in India offers a variety of medical tourism packages to international patients at affordable packages thereby showing ways to accomplish their goals. In fact, it specializes in offering medical tourism services with expert medical teams and staffs to undergo major changes. The hospital is very close to the airport and metro station enabling patients to reach the place in quick turnaround time. Besides that, it makes feasible ways to undergo a treatment in sophisticated environment to achieve the best results.

Another thing is that the hospital covers Wi-Fi, international cuisines, accommodation for guests, ATM, diet on request, restaurant, local tourism options, and so on. It is very near to hotels, shopping malls, and pharmacies allowing patients to visit them anytime. Anyone who wants to know more about services in detail can contact the hospital over phone or email. Online consultations are also available for those who want to get opinions about different types of treatments with ease. A physician will recommend a right type of medical treatment to a patient after evaluating the conditions of patients with attention.

Scheduling an appointment with a physician

Patients who want to know more about services offered by Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Delhi Doctor List should select a medical tourism website. It helps to gather more information about doctors with their specialization, experience, and other accomplishments. International patients who want to fix an appointment with them can send their medical records for further evaluation. The hospital arranges medical tourism services at the best prices allowing a patient to reduce the expenses. It is an important one to read the terms and conditions of the hospital before choosing a medical treatment procedure which ultimately gives ways to get solutions for problems with the desired outcomes.

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