A broken rib is a common injury in an accident. It occurs when one of the bones in your rib cage cracks. The common cause of chest injury is trauma, or fall from the height, motor vehicle accident, or impact during sports.
Ribs protect the internal organ of the body. Damage to the rib can also cause damage to the internal organ. If you suffer from the rib or internal organ injury, in an accident due to someone else fault or negligence, you can claim compensation.

Rib injuries are excruciating. The victim feels it difficult to breathe with a broken rib.

Symptoms of a broken rib

Severe pain in the chest after the brutal impact, this pain usually get worsens when you:

  • Take a deep breath
  • Bend or twist your body
  • Pressure on the injured area

If you feel the pain with the above symptoms, you might have a broken rib.

Rib injury in a public place

Rib injuries are not uncommon in a public place accident. As you know, public place accidents not only damage you physically, but it also hurts your self-respect. In a public place, the owner of the place or the government officials is liable for the accident.

Public places include a shopping center, public pathways, public gathering points, parks, and play lands. An accident occurs in this area can be claimed.

Rib injury in a road accident

Road accidents are notorious for rib injuries. As you know, you drive a vehicle at high speed. The collision is maximum in increased speed. When you get hit with an object, chances are high that your forehead and chest will hit the steering wheel. This brutal impact can damage your rib cage and can cause a fracture. In this situation, the liable party is responsible for the compensation.

Rib injury in slip trip or fall

Slip trip or fall accidents are common in every area. Whether you are working in industry or walking on a public path, lousy environment, or slippery surfaces can these type of accidents. Uneven or slippery surfaces cause a slip. However, uncovered wiring or objects in the pathway are the cause of trip and fall. Both of these accidents can occur anywhere. If you get injuries due to the slip or trip, the owner or the host is responsible for your accident. You can claim compensation against them.

Common types of rib injuries

The nature and impact of casualties vary from person to person. Therefore, there are various types of rib injuries. These rib injuries include:

Sports accidents – Sports that need contact with other players are highly at risk of sports rib injuries. There are many sports which include rugby, soccer, hockey, and basketball. Athletes or martial artists are also at high risk of getting rib injuries.

Physical assault – Criminals usually attack that person who tries to retaliate. They can kick or strike the victim with heavy objects. If you get injured during these criminal activities, you can claim compensation. These criminal or law violation activities can causes bruises and can lead to broken rib or bone fracture.

Being crushed – In heavy industries where employee deals with heavy machinery, the crushing of body accidents are high. The employee or the maintenance worker usually get stuck in the heavy machinery and are crushed by them.

After the accidents which cause you rib injury, general physical checkup along with treatment is required. The doctor might recommend some scans and tests so he can briefly judge your damage and physical condition. In most of the cases, the general physician will refer the case to the orthopedic surgeon. Furthermore, he will start your treatment and will make a report according to the progress.

Solicitor’s Advice

Now, to claim the compensation, you will need the advice of a legal expert. For this purpose, you can consult with a professional and experience personal injury solicitor. He can help you in various ways. Personal injury solicitor can gather evidence of the accident spots. He can also help you to calculate the medical expenses, travel expenses, caretaker expenses, social and economic damage.

The opposite party will try to remove their charges. Therefore, they will do everything to prove you guilty. It’s better to hire the personal injury solicitor Blackburn and let him pursue your case in the solicitor’s court.

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