Bartending Skills you must know

What does the term “bar skill” mean? These are technical skills that we can use in Cocktail Bars. With the framework, various techniques are being shared with all of you that how beautifully and effectively prepare cocktails and serve them in order to please guests and gain confidence. In addition to purely technical skills, we will develop small motor skills, train memory and on the whole, pump the brain.

Firstly, you should know how to rotate or move the finger and a bar spoon is very useful friend in Cocktail Bars, since we often use it. The rotation with four fingers around two fingers and there is nothing super-complicated but it will require some practice. The first thing you should always check is where the center of gravity is. Let’s explain why? The center of gravity is approximately in the middle of a spoon. Next. Take a spoon that has such as muddler and it is quite heavy, then it is likely that the center of gravity from the middle of the spoon will not coincide. Therefore, we always start from the center of gravity. Not from the middle of the spoon, but from the center of Gravity. And here is why? When you start to make any movement, the spoon starts to just slip away, if we take it far from the center of gravity. It will run away from us all the time. We always look first where the center of gravity is, the position of the spoon in the fingers is approximately in the first phalanges. It will become easier for you to spinning spoon.

If we take a very deep spoon, we will have to toss our fingers much more. Although it is also possible. But if you train yourself to work with the first phalanges, it will be easier to make other movements. Next, take the spoon between the middle and ring finger, move it to position and start moving. The paddle of a spoon goes from itself upward and we start to rotate. We shift to the index finger and next, around the middle. Next around the ring finger and grab by the middle. Then, around the middle, grab by the index finger. Around the middle finger and grab by the ring finger. So, the spoon makes a circle. Try to make movements thoughtfully and slowly, in order to understand in general how it moves, because you need to teach is our head first to perceive the information from fingers and make them move accordingly. Try not to fingers pass and rotate around each other. There may be slight difficulties with the little finger, but during the practice, this will disappear.

So, the main thing in this business is to practice. There is one more thing when you rotate the spoon around the fingers, the distance between fingers is large, the spoon will simply slip away from you. Therefore, to prevent the spoon from escaping, take the center of gravity.

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