Auto tuning had been a major breakthrough in the music industry. Auto Tune software give a new dimension to the vocals. Even the top composers and artists are using auto tuning nowadays. Autotune software can play with the pitch and frequencies of your voice.

With the advancement of digital electronics and sound processing auto tuning is a massive success of the combination of these two fields. Auto tune apps for android and ioS are available nowadays. In this article you will know about this technology and the best autotune apps to consider.

How autotune technology works:

AutoTune software analyze the difference sound signals in the input voice. After all your voice is also a combination of frequencies taken at different time signature. A microphone takes this signal and auto tune software analyze this. Everything has a pattern in nature. So does music and these patterns can be arranged mathematically.

Whenever there is a difference in the pattern stored in the memory and the input provided, the software predicts the difference and takes the necessary steps to adjust the sound signal to match the mathematical pattern perfectly. In this way any fault in the input signal is corrected by the software.

Many more features such as background music, beats are provided by autotuning software. But is it possible that we can take this technology to phones.

From autotune software to Auto tune apps:

The autotune software are very heavy. You may also need a graphic card to support the software on your system. It also takes a lot of space on PC/laptop. Further if you want to access these software remotely or instantly, auto tune apps are always the better option!

AutoTune Apps: Things to consider

There are no heavy requirements for auto tune apps. Almost all android and ioS versions support these apps. You can modify your voice, add effects to it and the best part is to add karaoke to your voice. Auto tune apps completely give a new form to your song.

Benefits of using autotune apps for singing:

  • They are free of cost
  • One does not need to invest a lot of time in improving their vocals. The software will correct the voice wherever needed
  • You can sing high pitched songs. Just scale down a song in which you are comfortable with and transpose the scale.
  • Auto tune apps are an excellent platform to learn creative pieces from different artists all over the world. Even your work can be recognized by using apps for Autotune just by sharing on the platform.

Best Auto tune apps:

  1. Rapchat
  2. StarMaker
  3. VoiceSynth
  4. Vio
  5. AutoRap

Many more apps are listed in the link above. You can explore and find the best for your use.

Final words:

These apps are a blessing to all the people. As every person is a singer nowadays, its time to use these apps and bring out the sleeping singer within. People are shy about their voice and think they will not sound good. But autotuning apps change your voice completely.


However singers must be conscious while using these apps. They are just to add flavour to your voice. Overdependence on these apps will lead to harm in your own natural voice. Hence these apps must be used in a way that you learn how to make your voice even better naturally. If you know more about autotune apps, do mention in the comments section!


Thank you for reading and do share with others so that they can bring out the singers hidden within them. Know more about auto tune apps and latest daily use apps at dailyjunkies.


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