A Guide to Car Chip Tuning and Engine Remapping

Cars are an expensive investment so it is important to take good care of them. We want our car to perform well and have a long life. The car like any other machine needs maintenance and repairs that will make sure that the car stays in pristine condition. The automotive technology has improved a lot over the years and chip tuning has become an integral part of car maintenance.

Chip tuning and engine remapping are effective in improving the performance of the car. Chipping and engine remapping alter the onboard computer and the car becomes leaners and faster. The electronic control unit or ECU has become an integral part of modern cars so remapping is essential for the maintenance of cars.

Here is a guide to car chip and engine remapping that will give you a better understanding of the process.

Defining ECU:

Cars are becoming better as technology has improved a lot over the years. Most of the modern car functions are controlled by the electrical control unit. It is a chip on which software is installed and it has default settings for the car functions. The chip of the car often handles more than 50 things like airbag systems, driver interface, door locking systems, etc. The ECU also controls functions like engine speed, gear ratios, fuel flow, variable valve timing, etc.

ECU remapping:

When a car gets past the production line its Engine control unit software is set to the default setting so that it functions anywhere. The default settings take all the important factors into account like geography, fuel qualities, climates, road conditions, etc. The default t settings are the best generic setting for the vehicle although they might not the most efficient setting option.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of the vehicle and looking to improve it then you can change the fuel/air ratios, the flow of the fuel and gear ratios. It will have a huge impact on the performance of the vehicle. But remember that changing those settings have a negative impact on fuel efficiency.

If you have a working vehicle like a truck or van and it is doing a lot of miles then remapping the ECU to improve the fuel efficiency will be at the cost of the performance.

The risks of remapping:

Chip tuning and engine remapping seem like a great idea as you get to change the settings of the vehicle according to your wishes but it is important to understand the risks of remapping. You may enjoy a fast car but the top speed of the car is limited for a reason. The standard tyres, suspension, and brakes are designed to match the car’ power and boosting the speed and power can be dangerous. The car may not be able to handle the power.

There is a danger of ECU software getting hacked or cloned. If the software is outdated it can also affect the performance of the vehicle. If there are any inconsistencies in the behavior of your vehicle it is important to go to the best engine remapping company and get it sorted out otherwise it can have serious consequences.

Rewards of remapping:

Tuning the chip and the engine is an excellent way of improving the performance of the vehicle.  If you can improve the functionality of the car with the help of an inexpensive remapping then you are getting a cost-effective deal. The cars can have their speed electronically limited and with ECU remapping you can remove the speed limit.

Changing the settings according to your geographical setting, climate, mileage, etc. you can save a significant amount of money on fuel. Investing a little on the tuning will be a profitable investment.

It is never a good idea to risk the safety of the ride because safe driving is essential so do not shy away from spending a few dollars on chip tuning and engine remapping.

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