A Comprehensive Guide To Developing An App Like WhatsApp

Are you planning to develop a new messaging app? Do you admire the features present in WhatsApp? It’s the right time to develop an app that is fully responsive and equipped with a bunch of features. One cannot deny the fact that WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used mobile applications. It facilitates users with efficient audio and video calling facilities along with instant messages. You get to enjoy a huge variety of other features and options as well. So, if you want to create an app exactly like that, here is a comprehensive guide you must be following:

Main Features To Add

Lets first list down the main features your application should be having. WhatsApp needs to rich with options that facilitate the users and make their experience enjoyable. From developing an interactive interface to keeping the navigation seamless, there is a need to add a bundle of options.

The Option to Send and Receive Photos

Among the additional options WhatsApp provides, you can send and receive photos and media files on it too. You can even tap into its built-in gallery full of GIFs to amuse your friends and the one you are interacting with.

The Gallery of Emoji’s

Talking about adding fun, the best part is that it provides free stickers to add emotions in your conversations and to heighten the fun. You can download different sticker packs and can even use emoji’s in your conversations.

Create a Group

Like every other messenger, you need to add the option to add groups in your app. It increases user interactions who create more than one group and hold easy conversations with their mates.

Send Voice Messages

The next thing that you need to take care of is to add the option to send and receive voice messages. It makes it easier to share the information, as you do not have to type every single word.

Know Your Audience

It’s easier to replicate an app but the hardest part is to replicate and innovate an app. That’s what you need to do. You do not have to simply create app like WhatsApp, but you have to study it and come up with a better version of it. Maybe there is something which the app is lacking and that you can fill up. To know the profitable secrets you have to take a dive into the market and learn about that from the target audience. Your users can best tell you about the features they want to see in the app. If you can tap into the problems they are facing and come up with a better version, you can make your app go viral.

Gather Your Resources

Now the topmost important resource that you need to have for the exceptional development of your application is your team of developers. You need to be having the most experienced ones on your team not because you can to create an app that can get viral but because competing WhatsApp is not that easy. So, after gathering the experienced professionals on board you have to get your hands on some of the highly advanced tools and software. You have to learn skills to operate high tech tools that can let you create a responsive layout with an interactive functionality.

Security Features

Never compromise in making sure that your application is fully secured. You have to use measures that ensure that the app has end-to-end encryption to avoid any data breaching or privacy-invading. No matter how much responsive your app is if it lacks in terms of security then nobody would like to sue it. So be careful and create a highly interactive version.

Create the Framework

Before your finalize anything, you need to create a rough sketch of your app just to be sure if everything is aligned or not. You have to focus on creating an interface that eliminates hindrance and ensures engaging user experience. You have to use highly advanced tools to create a framework that can engage your users and increase online visibility. Every options and feature must be placed efficiently without creating a clustered look.

Wrap Up

It will be really complicated for you to come up with an application that can give a real fight to WhatsApp. Though it will require high tech tools and unmatched intellect to target users, but your efforts will worth a chance. You never know you end up making an incredible app like Snapchat even though there were other social apps at that time that were fueling the market. So, before you take a single step towards development do come up with a strong strategy top back all your efforts and planning or else you may end up in a fiasco.

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