7 Best Ways to Lose Weight and Get a Tiny Waist

What are the best possible ways to lose weight is the most common question that many ask. Though it might seem a difficult task in the beginning, but it is not at all impossible. Rather losing weight is very simple and what we need to know are the processes that are involved in weight loss.

According to the best dietitian in India, dietitian Sheela Seharawat of Diet Clinic, the fastest way to lose weight is not always the best way, and it is so because when you take off weight quickly you are not losing fat or changing your eating habits. Quick weight loss is only a temporary solution at best.

We should aim not only to lose weight but also probably to stay off it. The best ways are the ones that help us change the way we eat and promote lifelong eating habits that ensure permanent weight loss.


In consultation with the best dietitian in Gujarat, noted below are a few scientifically proven ways to lose weight and get a tiny waist.

While there are endless diets and ways to lose weight and all claiming to give you the best solution, but most of them lack any kind of scientifically backed evidences. Let’s look at the ones that are proven and supported by science and experts:

#1. Take control of your portion size

Controlling the portion size of the meals is one of the keys to lose weight in a healthy manner. It has been noticed that people in general eat 3 times more food than that is required for by the body to function optimally.

To get to know the perfect portion you need to know how much calories you need in every meal and make an effort to notice how much room that takes up on your plate. In the beginning you might get a feel that you are deprived of food, but slowly you will come to know that even a small plates makes you full and you will see that you are dropping weight.

#2. Eat more of natural foods

Without arguments the best and the most effective way to stay healthy and lose weight is by having more and more or natural foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains. Choosing natural foods helps us ensure that we eat food in low glycemic index and also get all the essential elements like vitamins and minerals that our body needs to be nourished. These natural foods will help keep us feeling full longer and, therefore, eating less during the day and lose weight.

#3. Try intermittent fasting

Putting it simply, intermittent fasting is a way of eating where you involve regular short-term fasts and then consume meals in shorter time frame in a day. There are several ways of doing this fasting like – alternate day fasting – you fast for a whole day and eat the next and then again the next day and so on and the 5:2 fasting –  where you fast for two days in a week and maintain your regular diet for the balance five days.

#4. Eat your meals mindfully

Mindful eating is the answer to – how, where and when you eat your food. It is a way where you not only enjoy what you eat but also enjoy the health benefits and lose weight. It might sound very easy, but hardly anyone of us do it as we live in a super busy world, where we eat in a hurry, eat whatever we get in hand and eat whenever we get time.

Some of the best ways of mindful eating are:

  • Eating slowly: Take your time to properly chew the food before swallowing it down your throat. This also gives time to the brain to send out signals that you are full and should stop eating.
  • Sit down on a table and eat: This will allow you to pay attention to your food and know what you are eating.
  • Make good food choices: Take your time to choose the food that you are going to eat. Select more natural foods and avoid processed and packaged foods. Know the nutrition value of every food before you buy across the shelf and this way you will make healthy food choices.

#5. Always have your breakfast and have more of protein

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gets your metabolism mobilized and keeps you full through the day along with providing you with the much needed energy to handle the day. Proteins in breakfast help in regulating the appetite hormones and keeps you full. This will ensure that you do not feel hungry and unnecessary gorge on unhealthy foods. Oats, eggs, porridge and nuts are good examples of protein rich food that you should have for breakfast.

#6. Cut down on your sugar and refine carbohydrate intake

Both these food group – sugar and refined carbs are the single largest contributor of obesity and other health problems. Sugar gives you empty calories and refined carbohydrates like white rice, refined flour, breads and pastas, are heavily processed and contains no nutritive value like fibers and other nutrients. Both these two food groups are easily digestible and gets converted into glucose in the body. Excessive glucose in the blood provokes the hormone insulin and insulin promotes storage of fats in our adipose tissues causing weight gain.

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#7. Get good bacteria in your gut

Bacteria have a huge role to play in the regulation of weight management. We all have different and diverse range of bacteria in our gut and some of these can increase the amount of energy that a person can get out of the food eaten. This further leads to fat deposits and weight gain.

Good bacteria can balance these other bacteria and create a conducive atmosphere inside the gut for all the microorganisms to aid in the digestive process and weight control. You can get these good bacteria from probiotics foods and supplements and also from fermented foods like Kimchi, tempeh, yoghurt and miso.


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