11 Secrets Of Buying A Men’s Suit

If you aren’t that experienced at suit buying. We will tell you about Secrets Of Buying A Men’s Suit. The whole process can be very daunting. There are so many different factors to take into consideration – not only do you have to work out where you’re going to buy it from, you then need to look at the cut and style of the suit, the color, the material, and then you need to make sure that it fits correctly! If you want to make life easier for yourself during this process, remember this: just stick to the basics and you’ll look great.

Following are a few tips that will help.

Just remember that your body will dictate virtually everything you need to know about choosing a suit and that while suit styles may change over time, the rules for dressing will remain the same.

  1. The Fit: Generally speaking, your suit should fit snugly (but not tight) around the upper body. Make sure you have enough room to fit your hand into your inside pockets while your suit is buttoned. Also, your sleeve should fall to just above the palm of your hand.
  2. The Proportions: If you have a slender build, you will probably find that wide lapels, wide shirt collars and wide ties will be overwhelming for your physique. And if you are a fuller-figured man, the opposite will usually apply – narrow collars, ties and shoulders will make you look larger. Also, remember that the width of your tie should always be in proportion with the lapel of your jacket. We will tell you about the Secrets Of Buying A Men’s Suit.
  3. The Pants: Single or double pleated pants can tend to make legs and hips appear wider than they actually are. While flat front trousers will create the opposite effect. For most wearers of bespoke suits, there will be no need for pleats as the trousers should fit perfectly anyway.
  4. The Price: While the old adage “you get what you pay for” certainly applies to suits as much as anything else, a $1,800 designer suit does not necessarily guarantee better quality than a $450 suit purchased at a department store. Don’t fixate on the price – consider your suit an investment
  5. The ColourFor long-term value, invest in one suit that can easily make the transition from business to formal occasions. Navy is probably the most versatile color as it looks great in the office and works at night as well – also giving the choice of wearing black or brown shoes and accessories. And believe it or not, the best color for a tuxedo isn’t black, it’s actually midnight blue.
  6. The Fabric: How do you intend to use your suit? Do you travel a lot? Will you wear it daily, once a week or once a month? Your choice of fabric should match your lifestyle.
  7. The Buttons: The number of buttons on your suit is not just a matter of fashion. The most versatile choice is the two-button suit as this tends to flatter any physique. A three or four-button suit can make short men appear even shorter, while the elongated lapels on a one-button suit can make them appear taller.
  8. The Vents: Contrary to popular opinion. If you have a well-endowed rear end, a double vent at the rear of your jacket will make it seem larger. A single vent is a much better choice.
  9. The Pattern: If you are a larger man. The patterns such as plaids and checks will tend to exaggerate your proportions. While accentuating the contours of the slimmer man. Stripes, however, will tend to make a larger man seem more slender.
  10. The Cuffs: To cuff or not to cuff? Cuffed trousers tend to have a shortening effect on the leg as they disrupt the vertical line of the trousers. There are many Secrets Of Buying A Men’s Suit. The opposite also applies – trousers without cuffs will tend to make the leg look longer.
  11. The Breast: At present, it is widely regarded that the Double Breasted Suit is not in vogue; however it does tend to have a slimming effect on portly men. If it’s a question of style, don’t go there at the moment – but don’t discount its slenderizing ability.


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